Extrovertic is a communications consultancy that enables healthcare companies to drive sales through multichannel marketing to consumers and HCPs. We specialize in working with small-to-mid-sized health care companies.

Dorothy WetzelDorothy Wetzel

Founder, Chief Marketing Strategist

Dorothy is passionate about consumer health care marketing and is continually hunting for new ways to reach and empower consumers. As VP of Consumer Marketing at Pfizer, she built the patient marketing capabilities that turned Pfizer into a consumer marketing juggernaut, earning the spot as AdAge’s Marketer of the Year in 2001. Dorothy is a well-known thought leader and blogger in the pharmaceutical industry and was inducted into the DTC Perspectives Hall of Fame in 2010.

Dorothy has created distinctive consumer marketing strategies and launch plans for health care clients large and small. An experienced problem solver, Dorothy works collaboratively with clients to capitalize on new marketing opportunities. She holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from Columbia and a BA in English from Tufts.

Her skills and experience include:

  • Brand Strategy & Planning
  • Content Marketing
  • Direct to Consumer Investment
  • Center of Excellence & Cross-functional Team Leadership
  • Agency Selection & Management
  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Health Literacy
  • Social Listening

Bill FlemingBill Fleming

Partner, Multi-Channel Marketing Strategist

Bill is an experienced bio-pharma strategist with demonstrated success in driving business results. A left-brain thinker, he analyzes bio-pharma markets and customers, recommends commercial strategies and designs tactics to accelerate brand growth and loyalty. He has worked with and learned from a range of brands, from rare disease to blockbuster and pre-launch to mature.

Bill is collaborative by nature and works actively with clients to solicit input, share ideas, stimulate thinking and evolve recommendations. He is committed to generating understanding and alignment on the right solution. And he writes a great deck, he says modestly.  Bill has a BA from Miami University and a Masters from University of North Carolina.

His skills and experience include:

  • Target Analysis and Segmentation
  • Multichannel Campaign Design
  • Patient Acquisition and Adherence Strategies
  • KPI Development and Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Value Propositions and Brand Positioning
  • Launch Planning and Budgeting
  • Marketing Technology Vendor Selection and Management

Extrovertic provides multichannel strategy, brand planning, content marketing and partner selection services.

Multichannel Campaigns

  • Target Analysis and Segmentation
  • Message Mapping
  • Campaign Design

Brand Marketing Plans

  • Integrated HCP/Consumer
  • Direct to Consumer Investment
  • Brand Positioning

Content Marketing

  • Social Listening
  • Content Strategy, Writing & Design
  • Media Planning

Partner Selection

  • Database Providers
  • Creative Agencies
  • Custom Content Team

Why Us?


Expert Guidance

We have been there before and have an eye on emerging channels, we provide clients with actionable recommendations and practical advice.

Rapid Results

Tapping into extensive experience in building multichannel campaigns, our extroverts know what short cuts to take (and as importanly, those not to), to get your campaign into the market quickly.

Broad Perspective

We consider your brand through multiple stakeholder angles so our solutions are aligned with all your customer needs, both internal and external.


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