The importance of approaching work with a heart-first orientation

One Important Work Life Lesson I Wished I Knew Years Ago

In today’s bottom-line work culture, it’s easy to get caught up in a headfirst mentality that values smarts and accomplishments above all else. However, as I learned from my friend’s word, your heart is one of the greatest tools you can bring to work.

Here’s How to Use ChatGBT to Improve Your Writing Workflow

I tried ChatGBT on a whim, and ended up with three solid ideas for incorporating this exciting AI bot into my writing workflow. As I was writing a trade journal article about a Public Private Partnership (P3) model called a Concession deal, I did my usual thing—googling down rabbit holes until I got the gist…

3 Unexpected Ways to Make Great Content During Inflationary Times

It’s not just the price of eggs that are soaring, digital advertising costs for many popular platforms have risen over 50% in the last year. These skyrocketing costs are spurring cuts in marketing budgets, including content development. Here’s three cost-effective content production hacks that Extrovertic has developed for our healthcare and non-profit clients to get more out of their shrinking content budgets.

How an Inspiring Story Retold Can Drive Dramatic Fundraising Results

While I am as vulnerable as the next storyteller to the siren song of a new story, experience has taught me to mine the rich veins of existing stories for maximum organizational impact. Here’s an example of how First Friends of New Jersey and New York where I am President of the Board of Trustees recently turned one video into a fundraising juggernaut.