Video Production

Whether your video style is more documentary or one that requires a higher production value, Extrovertic can produce a video that fits your purpose and budget. Depending on your need we assemble talented individuals and production companies that can tell your story.

Telling the Story Behind the Product

Extrovertic developed a series of videos that highlight a company’s commitment to using only the highest quality organic ingredients. In one case, extrovertic created the video concept, oversaw video production and composed custom music. In the other case, Extrovertic was able to cost-effectively take existing footage and create a new story, saving the client both time and money.

A Visit to the Christensen Family Farm
Meet Richard Elliot, 5th Generation Pear Farmer

Documentaries That Drive Donations

Extrovertic conceived of a video series to engage donors in the expansive mission of Haitian Assets for Peace International, traveling to Haiti with a documentary filmmaker. Extrovertic wrote and produced the videos and worked with documentary filmmaker, Tim Frakes, to bring them to life.

Haitian Assets for Peace International Overview

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Haiti

Building Women Leaders in Haiti

Short on Time or Money? Bootstrap It!

Extrovertic has conceived and produced multiple boot-strap budget videos highlighting individual stories and fundraising initiatives for non-profit organizations.
Our Friend Carlos

Building a Wall of Welcome

First Friends Valentine’s Day
First Friends Mother’s Day
Building a School in Sierra Leone